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Yesika Salgado On Love, Lust, And Being A Hopeless Romantic

Los Angeles Times

Poet Yesika Salgado blew up on Instagram. Now her books are breaking literary boundaries.

Teen Vogue

Yesika is one of many voices in an ever-increasing poetry movement that continues to uplift Latinx voices. 



Yesika Salgado Talks Love, Loss, and Gentrification in New Poetry Book



In Her Debut Book, Salvadoran-American Poet Yesika Salgado Pours Her Heart Out to Help You Heal


Why 'Corazon' Poet Yesika Salgado Wants You To Celebrate Your Heartbreaks With Other Women


Amidst Political Tumult, Salvadoran Artists Across The Country Discuss Their Work

VIBE Magazine

Fat, Fly, Salvadoran Poet Brings Body Positivity And Brown Girl Love To The Stage

Fierce Mitu

This Instagram Queen Claps Back At Her Online Harassers And It’s Beautifully Savage

Latina Magazine

Whether she’s challenging assimilation, embracing her sexuality or celebrating her fat brown body, the Los Angeles-based salvadoreña uses her palabras to fight the Latina feminist fight. And she doesn’t want to be alone. Salgado works to crush the white supremacist, fatphobic patriarchy through her poetry and by ensuring the she’s not the only Latina of size taking up space on the stage.


Por qué voy enseñando mi panza con orgullo: por chingona

La joven salvadoreña Yesika Salgado ha creado un movimiento en las redes sociales para defender que las mujeres son las dueñas de su propia belleza. ¿Su bandera? Los crop tops, para que las 'panzas chingonas' no vuelvan a esconderse. Esta es su historia, tal y como nos la contó.

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